CCP Brochure (pdf, 152kb)
CCP application forms, instructions, and guidelines; all CCP mandatory trainings; and a State checklist for applying for, implementing, and managing a CCP.

Flyers, Ads, Brochures, and Newsletters
Samples of program public service announcements, flyers, and ads; and provider newsletters flyers, and brochures.

Management Tools (pdf, 2.9MB)
Sample of the Wellbeing Index of Louisiana Spirit’s Management Toolkit.

Activities (doc, 48kb)
Sample activities to help children deal with their emotions.

Screening Tools (zip, 340kb)
Sample questionnaires for parents and schoolteachers to use with children.

Sample Comfort for Kids training curriculum (including train-the-trainer materials), and sample presentation on substance abuse issues.

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"Hopefully, we’ll assist other States and other communities if and when the time comes when they have to deal with the issues that are prolonged in nature."

- Anthony H. Speier, Ph.D., Executive Director, Louisiana Spirit