HIPPA Training Self-Extracting Archive

HIPPA.exe is a self-extracting ZIP-file.

By double-clicking the HIPPA.exe file, the data contained therein will be expanded to a folder on your desktop.

Once unpacked, you can locate a HIPPA folder on your PC's desktop.


Within the HIPPA folder you will find a file titled HIPPATraining.cmd

By double-clicking the HIPPATraining.cmd file, the training should begin.


Before executing the HIPPATraining.cmd file, please take note: The cmd file will create a temporary, simulated R-Drive on your PC. This is done with a simple DOS substitute command. However, you should first verify that you do not already have an R-Drive listed under your My Computer, since this would cause a conflict, and the training file will not work. If you find that you already map an R-Drive, then the cmd file can easily be changed to select a different drive letter.

Open My Computer and check your existing drive mappings. IF your PC already maps an R-Drive, then following the instructions below to choose another drive letter.

First, you should take note of what drive letters are not used on your PC by first looking under My Computer. In the example above, we will note that the Q-Drive is not used.

To change the drive letter option in the HIPPATraining.cmd file, right-click on the HIPPATraining.cmd file, and choose EDIT

Notepad should then open. There are two listings for the R Drive.

Without changing the formatting or spacing, simply alter two R-listings to another letter, such as Q, then choose File/Save. You can then close the file.

You should now be able to execute the HIPPATraining.cmd file without issue.