Adult Day Care

Adult Day CareAdult Day Care — a group program designed to meet the individual needs of functionally-impaired adults that is structured and comprehensive and provides a variety of health, social, vocational, or related services in a protective setting for a portion of a 24-hour day.

Adult Day Care Center — any place owned or operated for profit, or not for profit, by a person, society, agency, corporation, institution or any other group wherein are received, for a portion of a 24-hour day, 10 or more functionally-impaired adults who are not related to the owner or operator of the facility for the purpose of supervision or participation in a training program. If the facility receives state or federal funding, directly or indirectly, it must be licensed regardless of the number of adults in its care.

(Louisiana Register Vol. 24, No. 1 January 20, 1998)

Adult Day Care Modules:

  • Sheltered Workshop
  • Enclave
  • Mobile Work Crew
  • Psychosocial
  • Supported Competitive Jobs
  • Community Rehabilitation Program

Licensure Requirements



Contact Information

Hank Choate, Program Manager
(225) 342-0253
(225) 342-0453