Emergency Medical Transportation Service

Emergency Medical TransportationServiceEmergency Medical Services providers (ambulance services) are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section (HSS).  This includes both ground and air ambulance services. In addition, all emergency medical vehicles (ambulances, air ambulances, emergency medical response and sprint vehicles) are required to be certified by LDH.

 "Ambulance" means any authorized emergency vehicle, equipped with warning devices, designed and operated as a part of a regular course of conduct or business to transport a sick or injured  individual or which is advertised or otherwise held out to the public as such.  "Ambulance" shall not mean a hearse or other funeral home vehicle utilized for the transportation of the dead.

 "Ambulance service" or "ambulance provider" means any person, firm, association, or government entity owning, controlling, or operating any business or service which furnishes, operates, conducts, maintains, advertises, engages in, proposes to engage in, or professes to engage in the business or service of transporting, in ambulances, individuals who may need medical attention during transport.




Changes- The department shall be notified, in writing within five working days of the occurence of any changes in:


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Margie Huguet, RN, Program Manager
(225) 342-9404 / (225) 342-2449
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