Sanction Collection

Health Standards Section Sanction Collection

LAC 48: 1 Chapter 46 Healthcare Facilities Sanction Rules

Health Standards Section (HSS) Sanction Payment Procedure

Effective September 2014 sanction payments must be sent to a "lock box" managed by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. A lock box is a secure post office box setup to receive payments that will be credited to a specific bank account.

Effective June 20, 2017, providers wanting to send express mail must do so by using either US Postal Services Priority Mail ® or Priority Mail Express. not FedEx or UPS.

Mail sanction payments to:

LDHH Licensing Trust Funds
P.O.Box 62990
New Orleans, LA 70162-2990

Overnight courier service address:
JP Morgan Chase Bank (TX1-0029)
Atttn: State of LA  LDH Licensing and Lockbox #62990
14800 Frye Road, 2nd Floor 
Ft. Worth , TX 76155

 A sanction Payment Transmittal Form (HSS-02-Payment Form) and required documentation must accompany payment to ensure proper credit. Sanction letters mailed to the provider contain the required Payment Transmittal Form and instructions for submitting payments and required documentation.

Sanction Program Desk: 225-342-6136

Instructions for submitting non-sanction payments are found on the HSS Payment Procedure website.


Contact Information

(225) 342-6136
(225) 342-5073