Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a “pediatrician” for participation in the Louisiana Medicaid EHR Incentive Program?

Pediatrician means a medical doctor who diagnoses, treats, examines and prevents diseases and injuries in children. A pediatrician must:
(1) Hold a four-year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) degree,
(2) Have at least three years of residency training,
(3) Hold a valid, unrestricted medical license, and
(4) Hold a board certification in pediatrics

An eligible professional (EP) must meet all four of these conditions to qualify for participation in the Louisiana Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Program as a pediatrician at the reduced Medicaid patient volume of 20 percent.


Can I claim a public health reporting exemption to the meaningful use requirement: “submit electronically to immunization registries” if I am not a pediatrician?

No. The state immunization registry, LINKS, collects data on all immunizations, including those given to adults (e.g., influenza, HPV). LINKS is capable of interfacing with all certified EHRs. You must ensure your EHR is capable of submitting immunizations electronically in order to attest for meaningful use.