Taking Aim at Cancer --- Next Steps/Sign-up Form


My interest/expertise for ongoing work for Taking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana would be participation on the following committee:

  • Clinical: Establish standards of care and policy recommendations associated with interventions that are aligned with evidence-based practices and guidelines. (Please select if you have a preference for workgroup)
    • Breast Cancer
    • Colorectal Cancer
  • Data: Collect and analyze data in collaboration with regional, state and national partners to aid decision-making, inform policy-making, and monitor the progress of the initiative.
  • Community Engagement – Provide population health intervention and policy recommendations and promote strategies to engage groups and partners across the state at regional and local levels.

Please name any colleagues/partners who might be interested in participating in the ongoing work of this statewide cancer strategy initiative:

Do you have any other recommendations that can assist us with next steps and keeping momentum after this event?