Behavioral Health

December 18, 2013
Despite our best efforts to stay organized during the holiday season, the hustle and bustle of travel, shopping and entertaining can be stressful on the mind and body. The holidays can also be difficult for anyone who has experienced the loss of someone they loved. As part of our “Healthy for the Holidays” campaign, the Department of Health and Hospitals encourages Louisiana residents to learn how to reduce stress and depression with a few tips to help them fully enjoy this time of year.
August 27, 2013
Almost one year after Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana, the Department of Health and Hospitals is reminds residents that Louisiana Spirit continues to serve the people of our state. Louisiana Spirit is a federally funded Crisis Counseling and Stress Management program, offering counseling in 14 of the 26 presidentially declared disaster areas across the state.
May 10, 2013
DHH would like to recognize its nurses for the tremendous job they do each day in promoting public health and for the selfless care they provide during times of emergencies. This is National Nurses Week, May 6-12, set aside to honor all of America's 3.1 million registered nurses, including the more than 54,000 nurses in Louisiana. National Nurses Week is the time of year designated to recognize and celebrate these professionals and highlight the work they do every day to save lives and help people achieve better heath.
May 10, 2013
In recognition of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, May 5-11, 2013, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital’s Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) is bringing attention to symptoms of mental illness and programs to support those who have mental health issues. This week is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the triumphs and challenges in children's mental health and emphasizing the importance of family and youth involvement in the children's mental health movement.
March 04, 2013
Problem gambling is one of Louisiana’s most serious health issues. It affects not only the addict; it affects that person’s family, friends, co-workers and society as a whole. A 2008 Louisiana study on problem gambling revealed as many as 100,000 Louisianians are problem and pathological/compulsive gamblers. Problem gambling is an urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences or desire to stop.
February 19, 2013
The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals - Office of Behavioral Health is holding a series of 10 forums to educate the public about addictive disorders programs offered in their communities. These informational sessions began on Wednesday, January 30 in Lafayette, and will conclude on Thursday, March 14, in Belle Chasse.
February 11, 2013
1. The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified proposers that provide External Quality Review (EQR) services. Proposers must demonstrate sufficient experience performing such reviews. The current RFP seeks qualified proposers to perform an annual external quality review of the recently implemented contract for the Statewide Management Organization (SMO). This external quality review is required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Medicaid waivers that authorize the SMO and as required by §1932(c)(2) of the Social Security Act and 42 CFR Part 438, Subpart E. 2. A contract is necessary to fulfill the CMS requirements for an external review of the performance of the SMO as required by the CMS approved Medicaid waivers and the contract between the SMO and OBH.
December 14, 2012
Today, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce D. Greenstein announced mid-year reductions at the agency that will save $51.8 million in State General Fund for Fiscal Year 2012-2013. These reductions have a total impact of $82.6 million for this Fiscal Year, when federal funds that would be used to match affected programs and services are considered. DHH’s reductions are part of the State’s overall mid-year reduction plan that addresses the budget shortfall in the current fiscal year.
December 03, 2012
BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals joined St. Tammany Parish leaders and area legislators today to announce a final agreement allowing the parish to use the property at Southeast Louisiana Hospital in Mandeville, with Meridian Behavioral Health Services assuming control of inpatient beds at the hospital and outpatient services on the property continuing.
November 19, 2012
DHH-OBH issues this Request for Information (RFI) with the intent to determine the interest and capabilities of provider organizations or groups to provide the following: 1. Statewide coordination of direct peer-to-peer support to children/youth with significant emotional and behavioral health challenges enrolled in CSoC and their family members and caregivers; 2. Individual and group educational sessions for these families and youth; 3. Professional development and coaching of family and youth support staff; 4. Billing for family and youth support services; 5. Data collection and reporting; 6. Participation in the Statewide Coordinating Council; and 7. Advancement of family/youth voice throughout the system of care.