"Just bite the bullet; get the shot"
The Daily World

January 28, 2011


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention news wasn't good, but it wasn't entirely unexpected this time of year. The CDC has classified Louisiana as having a "widespread" prevalence of flu, which is as far as the federal agency will go without declaring an epidemic outright.


Luckily, we have an easily available way to protect ourselves - the flu shot. Except for specific and narrowly defined classes of people, we should all take advantage of the opportunity to protect ourselves, particularly if the well-being of others depends on us.

Dr. Frank Welch, who runs the state's immunization program, provides this description of the real deal:

"A cold creeps up on you, and the flu pounces. Flu comes on suddenly and hits you like a brick. You're fine one minute, but four hours later you're very sick and should be in bed."


You can get the vaccine at many clinics and doctor's offices, and at Louisiana's parish health units. Some employers also offer them - a good idea in workplaces where absenteeism means lost productivity.


Elementary precautions and the proven preventive power of vaccine can keep you and those around you healthy during this flu season.