In the event of a disaster, people with disabilities may need special assistance during their stay in an emergency shelter. These resources provide guidance for care during emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness Hotlines

If you are an individual receiving OCDD services, an advocate or a provider needing additional assistance for emergency preparations, please contact the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities toll-free at 1.866.783.5553.

Relocation assistance of loved ones in the waiver services programs or in any public facility can be accessed by calling toll free 1.866.783.5553.

If you are a person with developmental disabilities, are an advocate, or a provider needing additional assistance in evacuation and emergency preparedness, contact the OCDD office toll free at 1.866.783.5553.

Important Numbers

For emergencies, call 911 in all areas. For non-emergency information, referrals or If you need information about shelters, please call 211.

State Employee Information

If you are an employee of OCDD and need to obtain information regarding a state office closure and/or re-opening during a hurricane or other emergency situation, please call the following hotline numbers to access information, 225-342-9534 or toll-free at 1-866-518-1630.

Volunteer to Help People with Disabilities in Emergency Shelters

People with disabilities and the elderly need your help during their stay in emergency shelters. You can help in many ways. You can read to someone who is blind, help orient someone to the shelter’s layout, assist with dressing, eating, getting in and out of cots, getting to the restroom and other things that make sheltering much easier for an elder or a person with a disability. With your help, an already difficult experience can be a little less stressful. To volunteer, go to