Exam Rules

Must present Letter of Authorization to enter Exam

A picture ID (Drivers license, State ID, Operator ID, TWIC Card, etc.)

No cell phones, cameras, earpieces, headsets, PDAs, radios, MP3 players, etc.

No hats, bags, purses, papers, manuals, binders, etc.

No Loitering.  After you take your exam and pay your exam fees you must leave the testing area.

You should bring only the following items to the exam center:

-Letter of Authorization for Exam

-Picture ID

-2 # 2 pencils

-Calculator-Not programmable

-Money to pay for each exam

-Currently $5 per exam (currently exam fees are not  collected in advance)

-Exam fees are not refundable

-No change can be given for checks written for an amount greater than what is owed for the exam (i.e. – check for three exam for $15 but take fewer exams)