The Bureau of EMS is pleased to announce that the licensure portal will transfer to a new system for Thanksgiving 2018. The new system is robust, user-friendly, and has been developed specifically for the Bureau of EMS. In order to ensure a smooth rollout, trainings have been scheduled around the state to introduce and train EMS instructors in the use of the new system. All current EMS instructors are strongly encouraged to attend a training session. These trainings will begin on September 17 and run through the end of October. The currently scheduled classes are attached. The portal trainings are open in the current portal system, but registration is required and is on a first come first served basis. The maximum number of attendees cannot be exceeded. Attendees should bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to practice using the new portal. Training times vary by date and location, but in each case, the training will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

Click here for the announcement letter and schedule of trainings.

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