Armed with sneakers, water bottles and a winning attitude, Louisianans are encouraged to rise to the challenge — the Own Your Own Health Challenge — as the 2020 program kicks off Monday, Jan. 27.

The Own Your Own Health Challenge is presented by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and the Bureau of Minority Health Access and Promotions, which is a program office of the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Community Partnerships and Health Equity. The three-month comprehensive program promotes better ways to track healthy activities and progress and encourages friends and family to do the same, said Rudy Macklin, director of the Bureau of Minority Health Access.

“Each year, the OYOH challenge helps people take their wellness into their own hands. Staying active and making healthy lifestyle choices is something all Louisianans should adopt,” Macklin said. “I am very encouraged by the amount of support for the challenge within our communities. As more people take part in it, we’ll start to see healthy changes for generations of Louisianans across a number of populations.”

While all Louisianans are encouraged to participate, the program features components specifically targeting minorities, many of whom are more likely to suffer from obesity and chronic diseases that accompany it, such as diabetes and cardiac issues.

To sign up, visit The Own Your Own Health website also offers ways to better health and activity, advice for healthier living, programs and a variety of other resources.

Since its inception, over 100,000 people have participated in the Own Your Own Health challenge. It works with a number of partners through the state and region