Parent Support Program

The mission of the Children's Special Health Services Parent Support Program is:

  • To represent parents at all levels of the clinic organization
  • To ensure parent contact and support in a clinic environment
  • To encourage and enable families to participate knowledgeably in their own health care
  • To promote awareness of community services for families

Parent Liaisons

CSHS hires Parent Liaisons in each of the nine (9) regions so that families with CYSHCN are connected to other parents with CYSHCN

What does a Parent Liaison do?

A Parent Liaison is responsible for assisting parents in accessing services, providing emotional support, information and referral to both family members and professionals, facilitation of parent and professional collaboration, outreach, and assistance in completing necessary documentation of clinic services.

Our CSHS Parent Liaisons receive specialized training, and have the knowledge and skills to work with other parents with CYSHCN. 

Here is an example: 

Problem: A family is concerned about their child's education plan. The child's parents tell the Parent Liaison that his/her school is not following his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the parents want assistance with talking to the school administrators and/or teachers.

Support: Parent Liaisons will attend the IEP meetings with you and your child.  Prior to going to the meeting they will go over your rights, and how to advocate for yourself and your child during the IEP meeting.  Additionally, each Parent Liaison is associated with the regional Families Helping Families office.  For an IEP meeting it is a good idea to involve the Parent Training Institute (PTI) person as well. 

Important Family Support Information

Click here to open a new web page that lists the Parent Liaisons in each region.

Click here to read the latest edition of Family Matters, a CSHS Parent Liaison quarterly publication written especially for families with CYSHCN.

Click here to find out the location of the Families Helping Families office in your region.