CSHS Transition Resources for Healthcare Providers

A national goal for Youth with Special Health Care Needs (YSHCN) is to ensure the receipt of appropriate transition services which support a successful transition to adult health systems and independence.   

Transition support services may include:

  1. identifying and linking youth to adult health care providers 
  2. providing anticipatory guidance on self-care management, behavioral health, sexual health, dental health, and personal safety
  3. referring youth and families to community/public health/state programs which assist youth with insurance access, habitation, and work/school related opportunities.  


Transition Checklist and Timeline Newly revised*

The checklist provides a standardized framework for documenting and tracking comprehensive youth health transition services at the clinic level and includes Louisiana referral contacts for linking youth with supports related to insurance, habitation, school, and work programs.  

Embedding a youth transition checklist into the practice EHR works to support coordinated and consistent workflows.  For technical assistance contact cshsprogram@la.gov.

Getting Ready for Transition - Readiness Assessment

Teen friendly handout - includes information on 'what' transition is, along with a readiness assessment adapted from GotTransition.org 

Getting Ready for Transition - My Transition Plan

Teen friendly handout - assists youth and families with starting a transition plan and includes contact information for key resource centers. 

Getting Ready for Transition - Combination  

Readiness Assessment and My Transition Plan combined - print 2 sided for a single page handout.


CSHS Fact Sheets                                                                                                              

Youth Health Transition Fact Sheet

Youth Health Transition Fact Sheet - Spanish

Insurance Fact Sheet

Insurance Fact Sheet - Spanish  








































Youth Health Transition Website for Teens

SmoothMovesYHT.org is an online transition resource for teens. The website seeks to orient youth to the process of transition, create role awareness, and provide access to resources tailored for transition-aged youth.  There are over 30 transition tools and workbooks embedded within the site developed by expert workgroups and universities around the country.  The website is a great resource for clinic-based transition services. 

National Center on Youth Health Transition Website

GotTransition.org is supported through a cooperative agreement between the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health. The Center's website includes a compendium of publications and resources on youth health transition and includes comprehensive provider toolkits for implementing transition services at the practice level.