Plans and Specifications (P&S) for DWRLF projects must meet the technical design requirements contained in the Louisiana Administrative Code Title 51 Part 12, LAC 51: XII (Formerly Chapter 12 of the State Sanitary Code).  

DWRLF P&S guidance will aid you in meeting our requirements.

The below guidance, forms and clauses need to be included in each set of specifications.

DBE DWRLF Guidance; DBE Forms 1-5; EPA forms 6100-2, 6100-3, 6100-4,

DWRLF List of DBE's

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters (EPA Form 5700-49)

Equal Oportunity Employment Form RF-211 and Nonsegregated Facilities Form RF-212

Required Clauses; Equal Opportunity Clauxe; 40 CFR Part 8, 1-7; Historical Preservation Clause; 36 CFR Part 800; Endangered Species Clause; Endangered Species Act of 1973, as Amended

Davis Bacon Related Documents

             Grant DBA Language Terms and Conditions "Wage Rate Requirements"

             Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations

             DWRLF Approved DBA Act Administrative Consultants revised 11/16/18

             DWRLF Ten Day Call Form

             Payroll Certification Form

DWRLF Branding Guidelines (sign specifications)

            Project Sign Specifications and Guidance

            DWRLF sign (eps) Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphic file

            DWRLF Sign (pdf) Portable Document Format (pdf) file


Employee Status Verification Affidavit; in accordance with Louisiana RS 38.2212.10.

Engineering Services Permit Application


American Iron and Steel provision of P.L. 113-76, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014 is required for all contracts that the P&S were approved after January 17, 2014.  Please review page four of our DWRLF P&S guidance document for more information on the new requirement.  The following documents must be included in the P&S;  USEPA Memorandum 3/20/2014, DWRLF AIS Contractor Certification , DWRLF AIS Pay Request Certification sheet, AIS National De Minimis Waiver of Section 436 of P.L.113-76.

Note: The appendices 3 & 4 are deleted from the USEPA Memorandum 3/20/2014.  Please use the DWRLF AIS Contractor Certification and the DWRLF AIS Pay Request Certification sheets in its place.

Visit EPA's American Iron and Steel link for further information.


Specifications for new water well contracts must contain the guidance for New Groundwater Source Testing.  For all  water well projects the list of chemical sample constiuents and MCL's must be included.