Adult Residential Care Provider Change of Ownership (CHOW) 

New owner shall submit the following to HSS:

  1. Initial Application fee of $600.00 (ALL LEVELS);
  2. Facility Unit fee - $5 for every unit;
  3. Letter of Intent (including date of CHOW, name and address, current dba, new owner’s name dba name, address and phone number);
  4. Form HSS-1513L (Disclosure of Ownership);
  5. The legal CHOW documents; 
  6. A copy of criminal background checks on all owners;
  7. Proof of financial viability to include: a. A letter of credit issued from a federally insured, licensed lending institution in the amount of at least $100,000 or the cost of three months of operation, whichever is less; or b. affidavit of verification of sufficient assets equal to $100,000 or the cost of three months operation, whichever is less;
  8. Proof of professional liability insurance of at least $300,000;
  9. Proof of general liability insurance of at least $300,000;
  10. Proof of workers' compensation insurance. 


Note: All ARCPs are required to file an electronic report with the ESF-8 Portal (EMSTAT) during a declared emergency, disaster, or public health emergency. Please visit the ESF-8 website to register your ARCP. Website (click here)

Once all application requirements are completed and approved by LDH, a new license shall be issued to the new owner.