Take the Challenge

OYOH allows fitness enthusiasts or anyone seeking a lifestyle change to create a public or private challenge(s) free of charge!  Participants can earn points through exercise, weight loss, healthy eating selections and then track their progress through the OYOH online wellness center. Again, there is no cost to get started! Just choose your challenge below and send us an e-mail at oyoh@gmail.com or call us 225-342-4886 or 1-866-562-9015 outside of Baton Rouge and our OYOH staff will create a tailor-made challenge just the way you like it. NOTE: Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, you should check with your doctor.

Our next OYOH Challenge will be January 2016! Registration opens in December!  New team registration and roster additions will be allowed through January 2016. Beginning December 1, pedometers will be shipped to the first 1,000 participants that sign up. After choosing your Challenge, download our Own Your Own Health Training Manual and follow the easy steps to a healthy active lifestyle.

Physical Activity

You can form teams or individual participants can compete in a web-based competition tracking the number of "steps" achieved each week. Each week team members will report their step count in an effort to move their team up the challenge leaderboard.

Weight Loss

In the OYOH Weight Loss challenge, particpants can have unlimited number of people on a team. This challenge calculates the average number of pounds lost per person for a team. Participants can compete individually in the open competition as well.

Sign up by yourself or with a team and create an online profile! For Teams in your challenge: Captains sign up first and add their team members following the instructions online. Then, every team member signs up and completes the profile page. If there is an existing team you want to join, you can do that through the website, also.