In accordance with Louisiana law R.S. 46:2261-2267 and Louisiana Administrative Code, Chapter 22, §2205, for all newborns hospitals shall:

  • complete the Newborn Hearing Screening Report (NHSR) form 
  • report screening results to the parent, primary care physician, and the Office of Public Health (OPH) within the Department of Health (within 14 days of discharge). Hearing information is reported electronically to the LA EHDI program within the Office of Public Health using Louisiana Electronic Event Registry System (LEERS).

If an infant is born in one hospital and transferred to one or more hospital(s):

  •  the last hospital before the infant is discharged to the care of a parent or guardian must report and perform the hearing screening. The hospital where an infant is transferred typically does not have access to the infant's birth record in LEERS; therefore, a copy of the NHSR must be mailed or faxed to the LA EHDI program.

If an infant is to be placed for adoption:

  • If an infant to be placed for adoption is transferred to another hospital for adoption, the hospital at which the infant is born is to complete the NHSR, report, and perform the hearing screening (unless the infant is transferred for medical reason as above). The guardian is to receive a copy of the NHSR.

For readmissions in the first month of life, The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing recommends that for all infants with conditions associated with potential hearing loss (hyperbilirubinemia that requires exchange transfusion or culture-positive sepsis); a repeat hearing screening is recommended before discharge. Reporting to LA EHDI is not required but is encouraged if the patient does not pass the hearing screening for tracking follow-up with audiological services.