What role does the birthing facility play in the LA EHDI process?



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Birth Hospital:

The birth hospital plays a central role in the EHDI process. After the hearing screening is performed on a newborn, the birth hospital should ensure:

  • that the parents and the infant's PCP receive and understand the screening results
  • that the parents are provided with appropriate follow-up and resource information if the baby did not pass the screening
  • that hearing information is transmitted promptly to LA EHDI through LEERS

The LA EHDI program continuously strives to develop and maintain partnerships, and provide continuing education with hospital professionals to ensure a high quality EHDI program at each hospital.

Other Birthing Sites:

When an infant is born outside the hospital:

  • the person completing the birth certificate shall complete the Newborn Hearing Screening Report (NHSR) form
  • hearing screening shall be performed at the alternative birthing site before discharge and results recorded on the NHSR form
  • the person completing the NHSR shall disseminate copies to the parent, PCP, and the LA EHDI program (within 14 calendar days)
  •  if the infant does not pass the screening at the alternative birthing site, referrals must be made within 7 days of discharge to the PCP and a licensed audiologist

*Roles developed by JCIH 2007 Position Statement


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