Newborn hearing screening programs are complex and involve the management of many different aspects including staffing, policies and procedures, and communications with families, medical providers, and government agencies.

To accomplish the goals of your program, responsibility should be clearly defined and delegated. Assigning a Hospital Hearing Screening Program Supervisor ensures that your program works more efficiently and effectively.

As mandated by the Department of Health and Hospital rules and regulations, the Hospital Hearing Screening Program Supervisor must be either a licensed audiologist or a board certified physician, trained in newborn infant hearing sceening and:

  • Be available by telephone while screening is taking place 
  • Review a percentage of the screening documentation and LDH Newborn Hearing Screening Report (NHSR) to determine if filled out appropriately 
  • Determine that appropriate testing is being performed in a quiet environment 
  • Perform direct periodic observation of each individual screener, at least once per month initially, as they perform the hearing screening. After the screener has performed screening for one year, observation is necessary only once every 3 months 
  • Monitor that hearing-screening equipment is calibrated annually according to manufacturer recommendations 
  • Monitor that infants failing hearing screening are appropriately referred to an audiologist and PCP for further testing within 7 days
  •  Work with LDH and hospital staff to assure accuracy of records

Other areas in which the Hospital Program Supervisor will be involved will include:

  • Manage state reporting 
  • Ensure that benchmarks and quality assurance measures are gathered and monitored 
  • Manage staff including training and monitoring 
  • Manage equipment including determining type of technology and maintenance 
  • Determine that proper procedures and protocols are in place 
  • Create or gather culturally sensitive educational materials 
  • Communicate program goals and accomplishments with medical providers 
  • Communicate with families 
  • Communicate with audiologists, early intervention agencies and other community providers to assure appropriate referrals 
Job Description for Hospital Screening Supervisor
Sample Screener Competency Log