Training and Monitoring Personnel

Newborn hearing screening can be successfully conducted by anyone who receives appropriate training and meets the competency standards, especially if automated screening equipment is used.

Considerations for staffing and training are as follows:
• Staff should be available to test 7 days a week in order to test all infants
• Training should be competency based and involve direct, hands-on components
• Training and supervision must be directed by the Hospital Program Supervisor
• Monitoring of new screener's skills must occur once a month. For the screener with at least one year experience, monitoring must occur at least once every three months. Monitoring can include review of testing results, accurate completion of NHSR forms, proper follow-up appointments being made as well as direct observation of the technician performing testing

• Your Hospital Program Supervisor should:
• Train and establish screener competency prior to allowing a screener to conduct a hearing screening. Appropriate training of the screening staff to ensure infants are screened appropriately is vital to the success of the program
• Validate and document that competency has been met.
• Utilize one-on-one instruction and hands on observation when training followed by periodic monitoring and observation of the screener and screening outcomes

Your Hospital Program supervisor should:
o Monitor the screeners on a regular basis
o Monitor new screening personnel at least once a month
o Monitor those screeners with at least one-year experience at least once every three months
o Conduct annual competency review for all screening personnel