DEVELOPING HOSPITAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURESEach hospital in Louisiana is unique in the way they serve their community. Written policies and procedures should be developed to reflect the practices of your hospital. The following questions will assist the hospital in developing a written policy.

NICU vs. Well Baby Nursery

  • What are the different protocols that are to be developed for each unit?
  • OAE or ABR may be utilized in Well Baby Nursery or NICU
  • ABR is recommended for use in the NICU.

Screening Protocols

  • What type of screening test will be used, who should screen, when, and where?
  • How will we prepare babies and parents for the hearing screening procedure?
  • If a baby refers from the first test, how long should screeners wait to repeat the screening?
  • How many times do we repeat the test? 
  • Is ABR used if a baby refers from OAE?
  • What is our policy if the parents refuse screening?
  • What infection control measures need to be taken?
  • What documentation will be made in the medical record?
  • If a baby refers for further testing- how do we make follow-up appointments?
  • What will your facility do if a child has been re-admitted due to a condition associated with potential hearing loss?


  • Troubleshooting equipment- what to do if equipment breaks down?
  • How do we order supplies?
  • Who do we contact for annual calibration and routine maintenance?

Quality Assurance

  • What records need to be maintained on all infants?
  • What documents and information need to be collected when an infant refers?
  • What methods will we use to establish and maintain to track individual screener's performance?
  • How will we measure benchmarks as suggested in the JCIH statement?
  • How will we measure patient satisfaction?

Follow-up and procedures for infants referred, missed, or at-risk for progressive loss

  • Where will follow-up testing be completed?
  • Who will make the appointment before the infant is discharged?
  • How will the follow-up provider be contacted with contact information?
  • Will physician orders be needed for follow-up testing?
  • What information should be given to the family?
  • Who is responsible if a family doesn't return for follow-up?