Online Tracking Incident System (OTIS)

OTIS is a web-based application for the Louisiana Department of Health (DHH). It provides state agencies, health care providers, and Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) support coordinators an online method for submitting state and federally required reports of alleged neglect, abuse, injuries of unknown origin, misappropriation of client property and critical incidents. If you are not reporting to OCDD, select the appropriate agency below to access their OTIS informational page.

Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS)
Health Standards Section (HSS)


Security and Password Assignment

Security built into OTIS allows access to only those authorized to access the system. Each person that enters incidents into OTIS must have a unique username and password. It is a violation of HIPPA policy to login to OTIS-HCBS under another person's username. It is the responsibility of each Support Coordination Agency (SCA) to immediately notify the appropriate Human Services District/Authority of all separated and newly hired employees. The Human Services District/Authority performs password maintenance for Support Coordinators (SC's) serving OCDD Home and Community Based Waiver participants. Only one password will be issued for each SC. Passwords will not be issued to SCA employees who are not SCs.

OTIS Password Rules

  • Passwords will expire every 180 days.
  • New password must be six characters including one numeric character. (No special characters such as *, &, /, etc.)
  • cannot reuse last 3 passwords
  • User will be locked out after 3 incorrect attempts to login.
  • OTIS user accounts will be automatically disabled after 180 days of inactivity.

Access OTIS


OTIS Practice Site (For authorized new users to only practice cases. This site is not for live cases)

Live OTIS Case Site

Authorized Users Only: Log into OTIS (Live site - all incidents are actual cases. Do not enter practice cases)

Authorized Users Only: Support Coordination Case Lists (For SC Agencies serving OCDD Waiver cases)

Authorized Users Only: Waiver List Cases (For Human Services Authorities/Districts and OCDD)

Additional Information

OCDD Critical Incident Report Form (For Direct Service Provider Agencies to complete offline and send to SC)

OCDD Critical Incident Report for Waiver Services (Operational Instruction # F- 5)

OCDD Critical Incident special Operation Instructions

Reporting Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation or Complaints

Physical, sexual or psychological abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect/abandonment of an OCDD program participant must be reported, whether the incident involves a participant in OCDD Home and Community-based services or in a licensed ICF/IDD facility.

  • To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of a child (age infant to 17), contact the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services at 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437).
  • To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult (age 18-59), please contact the LDH Office of Aging and Adult Services Adult Protective Services program at 1-800-898-4910.
  • To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult age 60 or older, contact the Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs/Elderly Protective Services at 1-833-577-6532.
  • Nursing home and privately owned intermediate care facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) providers, please report allegations of abuse or neglect to Health Standards Section at 1-888-810-1819.  
  • To file a complaint, concern or dissatisfaction involving services administered by OCDD or its contracted entities, call, write or otherwise communicate to the local human services authority or district. or call 225.342.0095
  • OCDD Complaint Policy