Coroner and Death Investigator Reimbursement

•      Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form (SUIDIRF)

–      Reimbursement: $100

–      Requirements:

•       Received by the Bureau of Family Health within 10 days of death

•       Completed within 24 hours of the infant death

•       Complete as possible with a narrative that describes incident (use narrative to explain any gaps in information)

•       Include death scene diagram, doll reenactment and photographs whenever possible 


•      Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Autopsy

–      Reimbursement: $500

–      Requirements:

•       Received by BFH within 75 days of death

•       Completed by a pathologist skilled in forensics

•       Follow standardized autopsy procedure

•       Includes external, internal, microscopic, toxicology and summary report                              

•      Submission

–      Fax: 504-568-3503 ATTN: Rosaria Trichilo

–      Mail: Bureau of Family Health at 1450 Poydras Street Suite 2032, New Orleans, LA 70112

–      Secure file transfer: call Rosaria Trichilo at 504-568-3504 for more information


•      Please include a separate BFH reimbursement form for the SUIDIRF and autopsy and a W-9 form first time reimbursement requests.

•      Please make sure that all mail is marked confidential and all faxes have a covers letter.