Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fleet Addition

All additions to your fleet, whether permanent or temporary must be reported to the Department and permitted for use prior to the vehicle being used to run calls and transport patients. You may do this paperwork as soon as you receive the VIN from the dealer or manufacturer. 

Fill in all blanks on the Request for Inspection form with the appropriate information, and attach the following documents:

  • The Certificate of Registration from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
  • A copy of your current insurance certificate showing the Vehicle Identification Number of the new vehicle added to your policy faxed to us by your insurance agent
  • If you are adding a temporary vehicles (a vehicle that is borrowed or rented for 90 days or less), an Ambulance Attestation form is need as well.
  • The payment procedure and payment transmittal form can be found by clicking on the followling link: http://ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/1737