Medicaid Waiver Services

The State of Louisiana offers two Medicaid Waiver Programs to individuals with developmental disabilities. These programs are called Children's Choice and the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW). Some of the services included in these programs are: case management, personal care respite support, environmental modifications, equipment, and Medicaid. Services are based upon the child's disability, not parental income.

Flexible Family Funding is a small monthly supplement for school aged children with severe or profound disabilities who qualify for Special Education through the school system and have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Currently, there is an approximate seven year wait to be evaluated for these services. THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD CALL IMMEDIATELY TO BE PLACED ON THESE WAITING LISTS.

To apply, please visit the Human Services District/Authority near you listed here and ask to place your child's name on the Developmental Disabilities Request for Services Registry and the Flexible Family Funding Waiting List. Because the waiting list is long, you should act immediately. Do not delay even if you THINK you may not qualify, do not want the services now, or because you do not understand the services being offered. You may want/need services as your child gets older.

Louisiana has changed Medicaid and LaCHIP to serve you better. The new program is called HEALTHY LOUISIANA. In this Program, you choose a Health Plan and Medicaid provider.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-342-6207
  • Enrollment Services: 1-855-229-6848

New Opportunities Waiver (NOW)

Children's Choice Waiver (CC)

Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing (EPSDT) Personal Care Services

Family Opportunity Act Medicaid


The following benefits are available to all Medicaid eligible children and youth under the age of 21 who have a medical need:

  • Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services
  • Psychological and Behavioral Services
  • EPSDT/ KIDMED Exams and Checkups
  • Extended Skilled Nursing Services
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology Services and Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Transportation

For more information, call KIDMED at 1-877-455-9955.

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