EI SERVICES FOR FAMILIES OF CHILDREN WITH HEARING LOSSEach family is unique, therefore services should be individualized for each family. Families may want:

  • ideas and techniques on what they can do to help their child during daily routines at home
  • more information on: 
    • the implications of their child's hearing loss, 
    • hearing aids and cochlear implants
    • language development 
    • different ways to communicate with their child
    • help setting short term and long range goals for their child and family
  • assistance in creating a plan to accomplish their goals
  • ongoing support 
  • to meet other parents or perhaps adults who have had a hearing loss since childhood too
  • information on how babies typically grow and develop 
  • to learn about the available resources in their community, state, or online
  • all of the above!

"Parents need and want information - we can debate about "how much information is too much too soon" and fret over whether they are understanding the information that they are given, but ultimately they have the right to the information and the responsibility to make decisions for their child. I think it is important to keep this in mind as we explore models for successful EHDI programs and evaluate information to be shared with parents and professionals."

~ from a parent
National Hands and Voices