EMS Certification Commission

The EMS Certification Commission (EMSCC) has the responsibility to establish and publish standards of out-of-hospital practice; to regulate the scope of practice of Emergency Medical Services professionals, to discipline and regulate the practice of Emergency Medical Services professionals and to establish standards for educational programs preparing individuals for out of hospital practice. For more information about the EMSCC, visit the Division of Administration Boards & Commissions page.


The EMS Certification Commission approves and updates the Louisiana Scope of Practice.  The current Scope of Practice can be found on the 'Law and Regulation' page. The Scope of Practice Matrix defines the maximum scope (procedures) a duly licensed EMS Practitioner may perform, while operating under an approved medical protocol, or on the order of a physician.

Related Statues & Rules

The EMSCC is governed by the following statues, rules, and regulations


The Emergency Medical Services Task Force is composed of individuals subject to the approval of the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, which advises and makes recommendations to the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and the Department on matters related to emergency medical services. 

Members of the EMT Task Force are:
  • LANREMT - Terry Blanchard
  • LAA - Donna Newchurch
  • Emergency Preparedness - Rob Daughdril
  • ACEP/EMS Physician Medical Director - Dr. Angela Cornelius
  • Ambulance Service District Administrator - Aaron Johnson
  • Licensed Paramedic - Jessica Trichel
  • EMS Certification Commission - Dr. Jeff Elder
  • CAAHEP/CoAEMSP Accredited Program - Kirk Lacour, Task Force Chair
  • Professional Firefighters - Chad Major
  • Louisiana ACEP - Nancy Bourgeois
  • Licensed EMT - Jacob Colbert
  • Private EMS Agency - Maylyn Geissler
  • Military Medic - Justin Arnon
  • Air Medic - Keith H. Carter
  • Fireman's Association - Brian Lindberg
  • Louisiana Approved Education Program - Jeffery Andreson
  • Municipal EMS Agency - Carl Flores
  • Provider of Industrial EMS - Brian Regan
  • Fire/EMS Agency - Daniel McDonnell
  • High School Educator - Wendi Worsham
2018 Meeting Dates:
Task Force - State Partners
  • Dr. Parham Jaberi - Assistant Secretary/Office of Public Health
  • Myra Lowe - Deputy Assistant Secretary/Office of Public Health
  • Butch Browning - State Fire Marshal
  • Paige Hargrove - Louisiana Emergency Response Network
  • Lisa French - Louisiana Department of Education
  • Amanda Broussard - EMS for Children
  • Traci Travis - Office of the State Fire Marshal