About the Supports Waiver

The Supports Waiver began July 1, 2006 as a way to provide options and meaningful opportunities through vocational and community inclusion for individuals who are 18 years of age and older, and meet the eligibility criteria for waiver services.

Supports Waiver Services

Waiver participants are eligible for all medically necessary Medicaid services. In addition to the medically necessary services, waiver services, the following waiver services are available:

  • Support Coordination (required case management)
  • Supported Employment (Individual and group)
  • Prevocational
  • Day Habilitation
  • Respite
  • Habilitation
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Stabilization Transition
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Stabilization
  • Personal Emergency Response System

Note: Individuals who receive the SW may also receive Long Term Personal Care services (LT-PCS)


Population Requirements

The Supports Waiver (SW) program provides services in the home and in the community to individuals 18 years of age or older, who are eligible to receive OCDD waiver services.  The SW is intended for individuals whose needs can be met by the services that are included in the waiver.  This program is not intended to provide 24 hour a day support.

To qualify for the Supports Waiver, a person must:

  • Meet Medicaid eligibility AND
  • Are 18 years of age or older AND
  • Have an OCDD Statement of approval AND
  • Meet the Louisiana definition of Developmental Disability per Revised Statute 25:451.2, Paragraph (11) AND
  • Meet Intermediate Care Facility-Intellectual Disability (ICF-ID) Level of Care Criteria

Additionally interested persons must meet the following financial criteria:


The income limits (also known as Special Income limit (SIL)) are $2,250 for an individual and $4500 for a couple (when both spouses need long-term care).

However, there is a "waiver Spend-down" option which allows your eligiblity to be considered even if your income is over the limit. Waiver Spend-down has a standard $20 income deduction. $65 and 1/2 of the remainder is also deducted from all earned income.

After the income deductions are applied, the average monthly waiver rate and other allwable incurred medical expenses are used to "spend-down" an individual's excess income, qualifying the individual for Waiver.

Allowable incurred medical expenses include Medicare and private health insurance premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, or copayment charges, and medical/remedial care expenses incurred by an individual that are not subject to payment by a third party.

The individual's liability is based on their income after the income deductions are applied. All individuals are allwed to retain a basic needs allowance from his/her income which is equal to $2,250 and the amont of incurred medical expenses not paid by a third party. Any remainder will be the individual's liabilty for the cost of care in Waiver Spend-down.

Note: The financial limits are subject to change each year

How to Apply

Individuals who have a need for services should contact their local Human Services District/Authority in order to go through the eligibility determination process. Once a person is eligible for OCDD services, they may ask to be addes to the Developmental Disability Request for Services Registry(RFSR).

OCDD maintains a Developmental Disability RFSR of individuals who have a need for waiver services along with the date the person initially requested waiver services.

As each individual is addes to the RFSR, the individual is screened to determine their urgency of need for services. An individual, who meets the eligibility criteria, is in the highest urgency priority category(s) being served based on funding, and has the earliest RFSR date, will be offered the next available OCDD waiver opportunity that meets their needs.

The application process does not begin until a waiver slot becomes available. At that time, medical and financial determinations will be completed simultaneously to verify that the person has a developmental disability and meets the financial and medical/psychological requirements for an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD).

Supports Waiver Fact Sheet

Supports Waiver Fact Sheet (Updated)

Waiver Guidelines, Documents and Forms

To access all provider documents and forms for the Supports Waiver, please click HERE.

The Medicaid Manual with all updated chapters can be found HERE.

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