National Continued Competency Program - Renewal Requirements for EMS

NREMT has been transitioning to the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) recertification model since 2012.  Part of this model includes the need for states offices to recommend and approve continuing education content areas for EMS professionals.  Based on NREMT’s requirements, the Louisiana Bureau of EMS has compiled the topics and hours for recertification at all four certification and license levels:  EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic.  This model is optional for those recertifying in 2017, but it is mandatory for all EMS professionals recertifying in 2018 and subsequent years. 

Also, BEMS has composed a memo explaining the “state approved” continuing education courses and how they may be obtained. 

Individuals recertifying in 2017 may use the old DOT refresher model and apply the difference in hours to the “local” or “individual” recertification categories when managing their education on the NREMT profiles.  To explain the difference, NREMT and the Louisiana Bureau of EMS have issued a signed memo.

EMS Training Programs

In Louisiana, individuals desiring to obtain an EMS License are required to complete an educational program approved by the Louisiana Bureau of EMS.  The Bureau of EMS currently approves initial training programs at the following levels:

Training Institutions are required to design and implement a competency based curriculum to ensure students are adequately prepared for the National Registry of EMTs cognitive and psychomotor certification examinations. The National EMS Education Standards define the minimal entry-level educational competencies for each level of EMS personnel as identified in the National EMS Scope of Practice Model.

High School EMS JumpStart Pathway

The Louisiana Bureau of EMS is proud to partner with the Louisiana Department of Education in order to provide EMS career opportunities to aspiring high school students through the Louisiana JumpStart Pathways Initative.

The High School EMS Education Program Manual was adopted by the Emergency Medical Services Certification Commission on May 16, 2018, and enacted effective July 1, 2018.

EMS Education Programs

Are you looking for an EMS Education course in Louisiana?  Search the EMS eLicense system for a course near you. 

To become an accredited EMS Education program, download and complete this application packet and return it to

EMS Training Institution Performance Matrix

Starting in January 2016, the Bureau of EMS will publish detailed quarterly performance reports for state approved EMS Education programs on the Bureau of EMS website.  The performance matrix report will be presented in a similar format currently utilized by other license boards, regulatory agencies, and education institutions in Louisiana.  The performance matrix report is available via this link:

EMS Instructor Requirements

The Bureau of EMS is responsible for the credentialing of EMS Instructors in the state of Louisiana. No individual may refer to themselves as a 'Bureau of EMS Instructor' unless they are approved and properly credentialed by the Bureau of EMS. The Bureau of EMS recognizes that more than one path exists to becoming an EMS Educator and has created a transparent process incorporating both the educational degree path and the experiential learning path.

EMS Education Resources