LA EHDI State Advisory Council

The LA EHDI Advisory Council was established to provide direction and guidance to the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. The membership represents a broad collaboration of persons and organizations that have an interest in the success of the program.

The LA EHDI Advisory Committee is committed to the adoption of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs. Our goal is to facilitate the early identification, diagnosis, amplification and intervention of infants and children with hearing loss in order to maximize developmental outcomes.


Thiravat Choojitarom

Pediatrician, Advisory Council Chair

Naomi DeDual

LA Commission for the Deaf Rep.

Gina Easterly

Speech/Language Pathologist

Linda Frantz

Deaf Educator

Juan Gershanik




Jill Guidry

Parent of child using Total Communication, Secretary

Penny Hakim

Parent of child using Oral Communication

Nancy Hicks

Dept. of Education Rep.


Pediatric Otolaryngologist

Cynthia Suire

OPH Representative 

Staci Sullivan

Hospital Association Rep.

Alla Tarasyuk

Deaf Adult