Asthma HELP

Asthma HELP is a free program for Medicaid recipients with asthma. The Asthma HELP program is a free, telephone-based pharmaceutical care program designed to improve the health of Louisiana Medicaid recipients diagnosed with asthma by providing asthma-related education. The program is staffed by licensed pharmacists who are certified by the National Asthma Educators Certification Board as asthma educators.

The program provides in-depth asthma education to Louisiana Medicaid recipients for better asthma control and treatment.

Some of the services offered by Asthma HELP are:

  • Patient assessment: Upon enrollment an initial assessment is completed for each patient. This assessment is used as a basis to begin education.
  • Patient education: Each patient is assigned a specific asthma educator who provides telephone counseling approximately every four weeks on various asthma-related topics as well as providing various other, free educational materials by mail.
  • Provider relations: Your patient's asthma educator will provide you with guideline summaries and age-appropriate asthma action plans. We may also notify you if it appears that a patient needs to see you for items such as action plans, controller medications, or peak flow meters.

If you are a Louisiana Medicaid recipient with asthma, and would like free asthma information, please call Asthma HELP toll-free at 1.866.762.2404.

See publications from the Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Management Program for Asthma HELP!