Strategic Plan

In  2014, the Office of Public Health released a new five-year strategic plan, A Healthy Louisiana Starts With Us. This plan is the culmination of the extraordinary work of more than 43 individuals from within our Office with a variety of professional backgrounds and from across the state with a singular focus: the health of Louisiana's people. It establishes our mission, vision, core values, and strategic priorities, representing our shared understanding of who we are as an organization. This will better equip the office to bring about health in our state through programs, infrastructure, and people.

The strategic plan is a dynamic framework affording us the opportunity to continually work to find new ways to make “living” the plan more successful. This will be accomplished by developing more concrete ideas and recommendations for programs and policy that align with the plan’s goals and objectives and enhance the office’s strategic priorities. More specifically, the plan provides a common road map to start making more progress in a sustainable way, by strengthening and integrating our technology and data infrastructure, increasing financial sustainability, promoting more meaningful collaboration, reducing health disparities, and improving workforce development. This plan sets a new path for us to enhance quality and performance, increase transparency and accountability, make technology more interoperable, overcome and breakdown disparities in health, and ultimately improve our health outcomes.