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Since coverage under Medicaid expansion began in July 2016, more than 400,000 working Louisianans have gained access to health care. But, it’s not just access. It’s the insurance coverage that pays for treatments that were once too costly for many people. Below are the stories of some of these newly covered residents.

My sister urged me to get a routine exam for this nagging cough. I was admitted to the hospital based upon test results, and was scheduled for surgery that ultimately found significant blockages in all five major vessels to my heart, requiring a quintuple bypass. My main artery, the aorta, was more than 90 percent closed. Without coverage, access to care and the surgery, I wouldn’t be alive today. 

New Orleans

I was able to see a primary care physician who helped me connect with a specialist. I was even able to see a dentist.


Received a call from a member who stated it was her first time having medical insurance and she was so happy about it. She said when she got the first letter, she didn’t believe it and threw it in the trash. She said she later received a card and it told her to call. She said she thought it was hoax and did not believe it because she had applied in the past and was denied.  The member stated she is just happy to know she can finally get checked out. She had not had a pap test in 6 years.

Amerihealth Caritas

Received call from a 23 year old college student. She stated she had been on her own since she was 16 and had applied for services a few years ago and was denied. She was totally shocked when she received the card in the mail. We educated her about her benefits and set her up with a new PCP.

Amerihealth Caritas

There is a men's homeless shelter in Slidell that was recently educated about the new plan. About 40 are being enrolled. Many are faced with mental issues. This is a plus for them.


I also educated a group of about 30 men who were graduates of a program called StriveNola. The program provides skills and education to prepare to enter the workplace. Another elated group!


I met a student in the mall whose parents had recently dropped her from their insurance. She did not know who she would be able to afford her doctors' visits because she had some ongoing medical issues. She immediately took out her phone and applied. She was almost in tears...very grateful. She promised to share the plan with others


As a barber and musician, I didn’t have health insurance.  I couldn’t afford an individual policy or make enough to qualify for the Marketplace Exchange.  I have serious health issues in which doctor appointments are critical.

Because of Medicaid expansion, I am now able to go to my doctors as I’m supposed to.  I am now able to get my eyes and teeth checked also because of the dental and vision benefits I now have.

Medicaid expansion and United Healthcare have been a godsend for me.


As a college student, I couldn’t afford the school’s insurance and my parents couldn’t afford to continue to carry me on their insurance.  Medicaid expansion made it possible for me to have health insurance.  I don’t have to worry about doctor visits and medications.


Amerigroup has been very helpful for my child and myself. After my pregnancy I was left with the dilemma of no health coverage. Because of the Medicaid expansion in Louisiana I am able to continue being covered through the Medicaid program and complete nursing school at Charity Delgado school of nursing without the fear of not having health insurance.


After losing my full time job, I lost full time health care as well. Being a breast cancer survivor, I couldn’t afford to miss regular recommended appointments, but Medicaid Expansion allowed me to get back on track with my regular checkups and actively participant in my own health. Amerigroup has been wonderful as they treat me as a person and not a number. 


I was a cancer patient just surviving and couldn’t pay for my medicines.   After cancer, I got blood clots and knee problems.  Now that I have coverage under Medicaid, I can get my medicine that I need


Since having Medicaid, this member is now able to get much needed insulin at a low cost of not more than $3 dollars. Member reports insulin cost as much as $300.00 before and often member was not able to purchase. Member is now seeing Podiatrist as well when before she was unable. Member has follow-ups for all care gaps since enrollment --mammogram, dental and mental health services. Member works full-time, but due to income still qualifies for expanded Medicaid. Member lives and cares for disabled family members. Member views new Medicaid as a “blessing”.


Since I have had Medicaid, I am able to go to the doctor and the dentist. I also receive other services that I have been needing for a long time now.


I have only been on Medicaid Expansion for about 3 months. I have not had a doctor visit yet, but I am grateful to have the peace of mind that I now has health insurance.

Baton Rouge


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