Invasive Fungal (Mycotic) Diseases 


Assessing Your Risk of Getting a Fungal Infection


Why Are Fungal Diseases a Public Health Issue?



Aspergillus website - CDC



Blastomycosis Summary

Blastomycosis Louisiana Annual Report

Blastomycosis website - CDC



Candida auris slides

C. auris website - CDC

Candida auris  - Public Information


Candida spp. Other

Candidiasis website - CDC


Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever)

Valley Fever website - CDC




C. neoformans 
C. neoformans Louisiana Annual Report
C. neoformans website -CDC 


C. gattii
C. gattii website - CDC



Histoplasmosis Louisiana Annual Report

Histoplasma website - CDC


Fungal Endemicity

Figure 1 - United States, 2014

   Map Courtesy of Dr. Tom Chiller - CDC/Medscape Joint Presentation

Figure 2 - United States, 2017

Map Courtesy of the CDC


Additional Resources

Infectious Disease Series on Fungal Infections - The Lancet

Fungal Infections – 10 Questions to Protect Your Health- CDC



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