Act 263

Act 263 of 2017 Regular Legislative Session, tasked LDH to evaluate the issues and conditions of drinking water treatment and distribution through the evaluation of sanitary survey results for each water utility system by 2020.  LDH was tasked to submit interim progress reports yearly until final report submission.  The ultimate goal is to develop recommendations collaboratively with stakeholders, technical experts, water utility system owners, operators, community members and legislators from areas with known public water quality issues. 

Year 1 Sanitary Survey Report:   In 2017, 435 surveys were conducted by LDH statewide.  The Sanitary Surveys are conducted using federal guidelines which require a thorough on-site inspection and audit of the management, operations, and physical condition of the public drinking water system.  These inspections are performed every three years at a community water system (municipalities, rural districts, subdivisions, etc.) and every five years at a non-community water system (schools, restaurants, businesses, etc.).  Additionally, surveys may be performed at an increased frequency due to compliance and enforcement procedures.  All findings from the inspection are documented and categorized as: 1) a significant deficiency, 2) a deficiency, or 3) a recommendation.  The federal requirements define a significant deficiency as a defect in design, operation, or maintenance, or a failure or malfunction of the sources, treatment, storage, or distribution system that is causing or has the potential to cause contamination of the drinking water system. 

Sanitary Survey Summary:  Of the 22 defined significant deficiencies (one additional deficiency is undefined), four account for the preponderance of citations to Public Water Systems (PWS).


Pathway for Contamination – 132 citations

Maintenance or Repair – 57 citations

Cross Connection Control/ Backflow Protection – 61 citations

Security – 49 citations

A full listing of the 23 significant deficiencies, number of citations and the number of public water systems cited for each can be found in detail in Appendix A of this report.   See Appendix C (3 links below) for the specific survey findings for each public water system surveyed in 2017.

Act 263 2017 Interim Report

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C:

Parishes: Acadia - Jackson

Parishes: Jefferson - St Martin

Parishes: St Martin Cont'd - Winn