For Healthcare Professionals and Providers


The Children’s Special Health Services team works with healthcare and social service professionals to help them provide the best care possible to children and youth with special healthcare needs.

We have clinics located in each region of the state that serve Louisiana residents under the age of 21 who have certain chronic physical illnesses or disabilities that significantly limit major life activities. For more information on eligibility and how your patients can apply for our services, check out the Families and Caregivers page.

Outside of the direct service clinics, CSHS connects caregivers and families to relevant resources, collaborates with health and social service providers to improve service provision and care coordination, and works to build up systems of support for children and youth with special healthcare needs. We provide the following provider tools and resources to help them better serve this population:


Medical Home & Care Coordination

Learn more about care coordination, including how you can integrate these approaches into your practice. We also have resources you can share with your patients and their families to help them navigate the transition from a pediatric to adult model of healthcare. 


Developmental Screening

The Louisiana Developmental Screening Initiative seeks to improve early detection of developmental delays and disabilities in children by promoting universal developmental screening in pediatric primary care for children ages 0-5. As defined and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), developmental screening entails using a validated, standardized tool during well-child visits at regular intervals to determine if a child is meeting developmental milestones at various ages and stages.

The Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines (LDSG) provide recommendations for screening periodicity and instruments that align with the Bright Futures guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. We’ve compiled a list of screening tools recommended by the Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines here. All tools are peer-reviewed, valid and reliable. We can help healthcare and social service professionals integrate these tools and other recommended developmental screening practices into their clinical workflow through training, technical assistance and resources. Visit the page to apply for technical assistance and access screening tools, webinars, and other resources.


Bi-Annual Resource Information Workshops (RIW)

Learn about care coordination, youth health transition, developmental screening, and local health organizations at this daylong event! The Children’s Special Health Services staff host the RIW in a different region of the state each Spring and Fall. Registered Nurses, Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors can earn up to 4 Continuing Education credits at no cost.