United Health Foundation has provided a $500,000 grant to the Louisiana Cancer Research Center to develop a coordinated strategy to improve care, support, and outcomes for the people of Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Health will provide leadership support throughout this initiative.

Taking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana currently has a Leadership Committee that has been leading the development of a statewide strategy to improve cancer outcomes in Louisiana. They have been working to identify high priority cancer conditions and interventions to enhance quality, improve access to care and contain costs. The organizational structure of this initiative is still taking shape and an Executive Committee will be forming with representation from multiple sectors.

Guiding Principles

Fact-based & Transparent Dialogue: Committee members will engage in fact-based and hypothesis-driven dialogue, and operate in a transparent manner by sharing key decisions with the committee and stakeholders.

Broad-based Decision-Making: The Committee will strive for consensus wherever possible; in the absence of complete agreement, decision-making authority will reside with the Committee co-chairs.

Coordination & Alignment: Committee activities and decisions will be coordinated and aligned with other cancer initiatives in Louisiana.