HOPE Council Interagency Coordination Survey Responses

By Initiative

Type of Initiatives


Prevention Only

EBR Police Dept, Thibodaux Police Dept, Dept of Education, Dept of Insurance, LA Board of Drug and Device DistributorsLA Property and Casualty Insurance Commission, LA State Medical Society, AAHSD (Initiative #2), CAHSD (Initiative #1)CAHSD (Initiative #2), JPHSA (Initiative #1), JPHSA (Initiative #2), NEDHSA (Initiative #1), NEDHSA (Initiative #2), NEDHSA (Initiative #3), NEDHSA (Initiative #4), Clarity Hospice, Compassus Hospice, Hospice of Acadiana, St. Catherine's Hospice, St. Margaret's Hospice, EBR Coroner's Office, LA Ambulance Alliance, LA Poison Control Center (Initiative #2), OBH LaPFS, Dept of Justice (Initiative #3)

Treatment Only

9th JDC, JPHSA (Initiative #3), SCLHSA (Initiative #2), Addiction Recovery Resources, AAHSD (Initiative #1), OBH MAT-PDOA Grant

Other Only

Berwick Police Dept, Duson City Police Dept, Springfield Police Dept, DCFS, Dept of Environment and Quality, LA Poison Control Center (Initiative #1)Ruston Police Dept

Prevention and Treatment

15th JDC, New Iberia City Court, Central LA HSD,  Plaquemine Police Dept, OBH-COAP GrantLA Workforce Commission, 36th JDCDept of Veterans AffairsFPHSAImcal HSAHill Cross HospiceWillis-Knighton Health SystemCAHSD (Initiative #3)SCLHSA (Initiative #1)LA Poison Control Center (Initiative #3)

Prevention and Other

LA State PoliceLA State Police-Crime LabGrambling Police Dept, OPH-BHIDept of Justice (Initiative #1)

Treatment and Other

Dept of Justice (Initiative #2)

Prevention, Treatment, and Other


OBH(Initiative#1-STR)22th JDCDept of CorrectionsLA State Board of Nursing, NLHSD


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