Louisiana's immunization-related laws

Below is a list of Louisiana revised statutes relating to immunizations, vaccinations, and vaccines:

RS 17:170

Immunization of persons entering schools, kindergartens, colleges, proprietary or vocational schools, and day care centers for the first time; immunization of person entering sixth grade; electronic transmission of immunization compliance reports

RS 17:170.1

Immunizations of persons registering for courses at postsecondary education institutions requirements; exceptions; electronic transmission of immunization compliance reports

RS 17:170.2

Immunization information; meningococcal disease

RS 17:170.3

Immunization information; human papillomavirus

RS 17:170.4

Immunizations of certain persons against meningococcal disease; exceptions

RS 17:170.5

Immunization information; influenza

RS 17:1915

Ratification; text of compact

RS 17:3152

Consideration of criminal history; prohibited acts

RS 17:3996

Charter schools; exemptions; requirements

RS 17:407.26

The Cecil J. Picard LA 4 Early Childhood Program

RS 17:407.40

Rules, regulations and standards for licenses

RS 17:407.50

Immunization information; influenza

RS 17:407.50.1

Health-related policies; parental notification

RS 17:407.72


RS 22:1030

Immunizations; coverage

RS 22:1352


RS 28:911


RS 29:761


RS 29:762


RS 29:764

Public Health Emergency Plan

RS 37:1218

Administration of influenza immunization

RS 37:1218.1

Administration of immunizations and vaccines other than influenza immunizations

RS 37:1360.84

Prohibited and authorized practices

RS 40:1269.2


RS 40:2011

Immunization information; shingles; pneumonia

RS 40:2022

Pertussis; offer of vaccine required; exceptions

RS 40:2023

Availability of immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

RS 40:2166.10

Immunization information; shingles; pneumonia

RS 40:2166.9

Immunization information; influenza

RS 40:2195.1

State Office of Rural Health

RS 40:31.11


RS 40:31.12


RS 40:31.13

Development of immunization registry and tracking and recall system; standards

RS 40:31.14

Authorization of release of immunization records

RS 40:31.15


RS 40:31.16

Parental consent; parental responsibility for immunization; exemptions

RS 40:31.36

Health unit fees

RS 40:4

Sanitary Code

RS 40:5

General powers and jurisdiction

RS 44:17

Immunization records; definitions; disclosure; liability; procedures

RS 46:1407

Rules, regulations and standards for licenses

RS 46:1428

Immunization information; influenza

RS 46:1443.3

Child Care and Development Fund state plan; access by homeless families to child care assistance

RS 46:153.3.1

Medicaid medication therapy management

RS 46:1906

Delinquents and children in need of services; custody, supervision, services

RS 46:231.4

Immunization compliance; exceptions

RS 46:2731

Health Trust Fund

RS 46:56

Applications and client case records; definitions; confidentiality; waiver; penalty

RS 46:977

Vaccinations for certain juveniles in state custody

RS 46:977.9

Healthcare benefits; cost sharing requirements