Medicaid Provider Manuals

COVID-19 Update: Changes to Medicaid policy and procedure deemed of an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare and requiring immediate approval, such as those related to COVID-19, are exempt from the legislative requirement to publish the proposed policy or procedure for public comment prior to implementation. To keep abreast of these exempted changes to policy and procedure related to COVID-19, refer to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medicaid Information website. Here you will find guidance to Medicaid providers, guidance for MCOs via Health Plan Advisories, emergency rules and requests the Department has submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Broader information related to COVID-19 can be found at

The intent of the provider services manual is to present useful information and guidance to providers participating in the Louisiana Medicaid Program. The first chapter, "General Information and Administration" contains information applicable to all providers. Each remaining chapter is dedicated to a specific program or service and outlines the policies, procedures, qualifications, services and limitations to that service or program. Click here to view current provider manuals.

Below are the changes to provider manuals beginning August 1, 2019. To provide feedback, please complete this form.

Item Number Provider Manual Chapter Date Posted Public Comments Due By Document Links

Behavioral Health - Section 2.3 – Outpatient Services - OLP

6/15/20  7/30/20  Section 2.3 – Outpatient Services - OLP
2020-Professional Services-1

Professional Services - Section 5.1 – Covered Services - Genetic Testing

 6/12/20 7/27/20  Section 5.1 – Covered Services - Genetic Testing

FQHC - Section 22.0 – Overview

5/29/20 7/13/20  22.0 Overview

FQHC - Section 22.1 – Covered Services

5/29/20  7/13/20   22.1 Covered Services

FQHC - Section 22.2 – Provider Requirements

5/29/20 7/13/20   22.2 Provider Requirements
2020-FQHC-4 FQHC - Section 22.4 – Reimbursement 5/29/20  7/13/20   22.4 Reimbursement
2020-FQHC-5 FQHC - Appendix F – Behavioral Health Services Examples 5/29/20  7/13/20   Appendix F Behavioral Health Services
2020-Professional Services-1

Professional Services - Section 5.1 – Modifiers

5/19/20  7/3/20  Section 5.1 – Modifiers
2020-Professional Services-2

Professional Services - Section 5.1 – Telemedicine

5/19/20  7/3/20   Section 5.1 – Telemedicine