About the Flu

Flu refers to illnesses caused by a number of different influenza viruses. Flu can cause a range of symptoms and effects, from mild to lethal. Most healthy people recover from the flu without problems, but certain people are at high risk for serious complications. Seasonal flu outbreaks usually begin in the late fall and last through early spring.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to avoid getting the flu. That's why you should plan for you and your family to get seasonal flu vaccinations as soon as possible.

Prevention & Treatment

Washing your hands often and practicing good hygiene are two important steps to prevention. Antiviral medications may be used for prevention and treatment.

Fight the Flu Fliers
For Children 6 months old and older
For People up to 24 years old
For School-aged children
For People up to 24 years old
For Healthcare and EMS workers
For Parents and caregivers of children 0 to 6 months old
  65 and Older? Now is the time to get your flu shot.
For Expecting mothers
For People 65 and older