National State Profiles

National State Profiles are snapshots of Minority Health offices from around the country that were compiled by NASOMH, National Association of State Offices of Minority Health. Each office is capable of working across multiple sectors using unified approaches that encompass but not limited to the following: prevention, health promotion/education, care delivery, research and evaluation, and partnerships to specifically meet the needs of racial and ethnic minority communities, tribal organizations and nations to eliminate disparities, and ensure cultural competence in health care. Each office of Minority Health holds the following guiding principles for its actions:

a.   Health and Health Care Disparities Elimination. Committed to the elimination of health and health care disparities for racial/ethnic minority communities, tribal organizations and nations through the advancement of policy, data, research, and programs that address socioeconomic determinants of health.

b.   Capacity Building.  Seek to build the capacity of national, state and local governments, and communities to raise awareness of and to achieve health equity and eliminate health disparities.

c.   Community Empowerment. Engaging and empowering racial and ethnic communities, tribal organizations and nations in innovative ways to address minority health and health disparities issues. Click here to retrieve profiles.