Emergency Medical Services Applications & Forms

License Requirements

The State of Louisiana requires all EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics to obtain and maintain a valid and current NREMT credential.  The State license database synchronizes with the NREMT database on a nightly basis. If your NREMT credential expires, is revoked, or suspended, your Louisiana EMS license will be suspended. 

Expiration Dates Expiration dates are determined by the date of successful completion of the license application process. Individuals completing license process (including payment) between the dates of January 1 - June 30 will receive an expiration date of March 31 two years in the future. Individuals completing the license process between July 1 and December 31 will receive an expiration date of March 31 three years in the future. The Bureau of EMS does not automatically set your state license to match your NREMT certificate expiration date.

On-Line License Verification

On-Line Verification - Verify the status of an EMS License.  Search by last name or license number.


Apply For A New EMS License

The Bureau of EMS now uses an on-line eLicense system to process all license requests. 

Step1 - Go to http://louisiana.emsbridge.com/licensure/ and 'claim your account' or 'create a new account'

  • If you have EVER held a Louisiana EMS license, or attended an EMS course in Louisiana, you should be able to find your account by entering your Last Name, SSN, and Date of Birth

Step 2- Update your on-line profile and contact information

  • If there is an error with your Name, SSN, or Date of Birth, please send an email to BEMS@la.gov for assistance.

Step 3 - Select "APPLICATIONS" from the left side menu, complete and SUBMIT the application that meets your needs.  After you submit the application, you can choose 'Check-Out' and pay for your license lo-line with a Visa or MasterCard.