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What role does the family play in the LA EHDI process?
Non-biased support for families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing
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The most important role for the family of an infant who is deaf or hard of hearing is to love, nurture, and communicate with the infant.

Families will gain knowledge, insight, and experience by accessing resources and through participation in scheduled early intervention appointments, including audiological, medical, habilitative, and educational sessions. The family's role should also include:

  • informed choices
  • ensuring direct access to communication in the home
  • daily provision of language-learning opportunities
  • modeling of partnerships with professionals
  • advocating for their rights in all settings

*Roles developed by JCIH 2007 Position Statement



 Screening your baby's hearing is very important, even if there is no family history of hearing loss.  Most babies born with hearing loss are born to parents with normal hearing.

These pages were created for parents to learn more about the newborn hearing screening process, follow up diagnostic testing, diagnosis of hearing loss, and the resources available to help your child should a hearing loss be identified.


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