Electronic visit verification (EVV) is a computer-based system that electronically verifies service visit occurrences and documents the precise time services begin and end via smart devices.  The purpose of an EVV system is to verify that individuals are receiving the services authorized in their plans of care, reduce inappropriate billing/payment, safeguard against fraud and improve program oversight.

Additional Upcoming Features in LaSRS:

LDH is currently piloting the in-home EVV version. The piloting process will generate robust and practical feedback from participating providers that will be used to facilitate a smooth transition to the new requirement by the end of calendar year 2017.

  • Ability for Supervisors to send messages via LaSRS to their staff and check if and when those messages were read
  • Time and Attendance Report showing services worked by each DSW including total time for the period
  • Ability for individual users, including DSWs, to run time and attendance reports for themselves
  • Ability to collect non billable services (i.e. trainings, meetings, supervisor pop up visits)
  • Report going back one year from provider’s go live date that details mismatched payments including unpaid and underpaid claims that can be re-billed to Molina.
  • Ability for provider agencies to input CPR training dates and receive alerts prior to expiration