The Bureau addresses or eliminates health disparities for the underserved, under-represented populations in Louisiana by using multi-cultural and culturally-competent approaches to enhance the ways in which health services are designed and delivered; and builds the capacity of national, state and local government to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate high-quality cultural competence strategies for all domains of public health, including policy, funding and programs.

Taking Aim at Cancer in Louisiana is a state-wide initiative that brings together leaders across sectors in healthcare, business, government, community, advocacy, philanthropy and other sectors to work toward the common goal of improving cancer outcomes in Louisiana.

Louisiana has the fourth-worst cancer outcomes in the United States with more than 175 people dying from cancer ever week. Data also shows significant racial and geographic disparities across populations and regions of the state.

Strategic efforts are taking shape with partners across the state to increase access to care, improve quality of care, and reduce costs in order to increase survivorship. The initiative places emphasis on the committed action that is needed from statewide partners to better align policies, programs and practices among all who diagnose and treat cancer.

Committee Sign-Up Form

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  • Clinical: Establish standards of care and policy recommendations associated with interventions that are aligned with evidence-based practices and guidelines.
    • Breast Cancer
    • Colorectal Cancer
  • Data: Collect and analyze data in collaboration with regional, state and national partners to aid decision-making, inform policy-making, and monitor the progress of the initiative.
  • Community Engagement: Provide population health intervention and policy recommendations and promote strategies to engage groups and partners across the state at regional and local levels.