Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my Medicaid Provider number?

Under the best circumstances (meaning that your enrollment packet is complete and correct when we send it to you initially, and we do not have to return it to you for any reason), it will take six weeks to two months.

When Health Standards Section initially receives your packet, we do our best to process it as soon as possible after receiving it.  If it is approved, a survey packet is emailed to the appropriate field office; the applicant is sent a letter at the same time.  When you receive this letter, you should immediately contact the Health Standards Field Office Manager named in the letter at the number given.  He or she will schedule your initial NEMT survey (inspection).  The Field Offices have three weeks to get your survey on the schedule (that does not necessarily mean that it will be conducted in three weeks).

Once your initial NEMT survey is completed and packet received @ Health Standards Section we do our best to process these results and send the necessary paperwork to Molina Medicaid Solutions. However, this paperwork must be mailed to Molina Medicaid Solutions as they must have original signatures.


Must I purchase insurance before I submit my application to Health Standards for approval?

Yes, your application must be complete when it is received by Health Standards, or it will be returned.  This includes both automobile, and general liability insurance, and any applicable municipal permits.


Where do I get the forms to add new drivers or new vehicles to my fleet?

You may get the Medicaid Driver Information Form (HSS MT-8), Medicaid Driver Change Form (HSS MT-8C), Vehicle Inspection Form (HSS MT-9), and NEMT Request for Inspection Form, and the necessary instruction from this website.

You may also get it by calling the Health Standards Sections "fax-on-demand" system at 225-342-0138.


What type of vehicle must I use in the NEMT program?

You may use any kind of vehicle except a pick up truck or a two-door sports car.  Most vehicles in the program are fuel efficient mini-vans, and large capacity (14 passenger) vans.


Where do I get an NEMT provider enrollment packet (application)?

Applications can be obtained from the LDH website-click on initial certification.


Click link: (Then click links: Basic Provider Enrollment Packet fo Entities/Businesses and 42 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation)