Under the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Louisiana Medicaid will cover testing for coronavirus for Louisiana residents without health insurance. Coverage includes COVID-19 testing and testing-related services, like doctor’s office visits when the test is performed.

This coverage is available to people without insurance who are Louisiana residents until the end of the federal public health emergency. You must also be a U.S. citizen or meet immigration status requirements to qualify.

If you need to be tested for COVID-19 and do not have health insurance, make an appointment with a doctor who accepts Medicaid for testing. You can apply for this coverage in the doctor’s office so that you do not have to pay for the test. If you need to find a doctor near you doing testing, dial 211.

Your provider will help you complete the simplified application for COVID-19 Testing. A provider or uninsured individual can submit the paper application by email, fax or mail.

  • Email:    coviduninsured@la.gov
  • Fax:      1-866-852-0415
  • Mail:     COVID Uninsured Applications, P. O. Box 64808, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

If you need additional help to apply, you can also call 1-888-544-7996.

Click here to download a flier on this COVID-19 testing coverage.

NOTE: Providers must accept Medicaid if seeking coverage under this option.

Click here if you are a provider.